MOG, one of the newer contenders to wade into the fray of online music streaming and downloading, followed up on the release of their iPhone app last month with an upgrade yesterday.  Among other things, this upgrade corrected what I feel was a huge blunder in releasing without multi-tasking support for iOS4.

I downloaded the upgrade yesterday, and immediately began enjoying the benefits.  But then I found the limitations.

The biggest lack still in the app, IMO, is that it is not fully integrated into player controls.  If you’re running MOG with headphones in the office, you’ll need to be sure to pause the music before disconnecting your headphones.  Unlike Pandora and the native iPod players that automatically pause the stream when headphones are disconnected, the MOG app apparently has no idea whether or not your headphones are being used.  Unplug, and you’re bound to make nearby cube-dwellers angry, amused, or worse: they’ll launch into their own musical counter-offensive.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m glad for the upgrade to basic multi-tasking support.  This upgrade prevented me from ditching MOG altogether and checking out greener pastures like Rdio.  Hopefully upgrades for the other player deficiencies are in the works and will be released soon…otherwise, I’ll probably just go back to Pandora.