I’m a professional web designer and developer who just so happens to have a Master’s degree in theological studies. So in between my stints as code monkey, I enjoy reading (and discussing) all things theological and philosophical. In significant periods of down time, I can also be easily persuaded to bust out my acoustic and write a song or two.

I am available for speaking engagements by request.

That’s me. I hope you enjoy.

  • #1 written by DSSK
    about 9 years ago

    How do I get in touch with you by email. I had a question about sencha development. Thanks

  • #3 written by Dan
    about 7 years ago

    Exist may dissolve but trueexistencedoesntexist(just my old domain name). Talking about life and existence can be fun and mind numbing at the same time with a little mix of insanity, haha.

    Any way nice work on ExtJs articles.

  • #4 written by EGC
    about 3 years ago


    I am a Lotus Domino developer, some time ago I read your example of CarTracker and I am interested in the ExtJS 4.5 framework, previously I had implemented some components of Extjs 3.xx in my Lotus development, I currently have WAMP installed and I try to make a small system with version 4.5.2. I see that the framework already goes in version 6.2 and that you already speak in this site of version 5.2.

    what do you recommend ? Follow development in version 4.5 or migrate to version 6.2

    Thanks .