My blog is 99% percent about my development exploits, but I do like other things too…like football. Next week, there are a number of rule changes up for vote by the owners. Here are a few opinions on the matter:

1. Move the kickoff from the 35-yard line to the 40-yard line.

No. Most kickoffs already go out of the back of the endzone. If we’re so interested in preventing kickoff-related injuries, why not just get rid of it altogether? I say either make the kickoff relevant (move it back to the 30-yard line), or drop it altogether.

2. Expand instant replay to include personal foul penalties.

I think this is fine. Personal foul penalties are costly, so having recourse on such calls is a good idea.

3. Eliminate overtime periods in the preseason for player safety reasons.

How about eliminating the pre-season altogether? I’d rather have a longer regular season (like 2 more games), rather than suffering through the yawn-fest of the pre-season. Since that’s not going to happen, yes, let’s drop overtime in pre-season games…no need to drag them out any longer.

4. Extend the goalposts an additional five feet above the cross bar.

I honestly don’t care. I’d prefer that the goal posts just be removed More >