Okay, I have some theological bits coming soon, but I can't resist this.  


There are a lot of reasons, of course, so here we go:

1.)  Terrifically cheesy.  Okay, so we have to give some grace to the first season.  After all, the producers were trying something very new (for the time) with state of the art technology.  There is apparent tension between trying to keep the spirit of Kirk's enterprise (notice the "wheeeereee" noice of the computer from the OLLLLDDD Star Trek…and the mini-skirts…and the many LED display computers) and move forward into a more inspired (and, let's be honest, better looking) future.  Also, the acting is quite suspect, as each of the main actors (with the exception of Patrick Stewart) is clearly struggling to find the pathos of their particular characters.

2.)  Overtly political.  Whether it is a commentary on the evils of rampant capitalism, the rarified cuteness of religious belief, or the villifying of basically the entire 20th century on Earth, the first season never pulls punches nor wastes an opportunity to weigh in on (what was then) pertinent and contemporary political/social issues.  

3.)  Respect for literature.  Okay, I love to read, and so does apparently everyone in the 24th century.  Moreover, it seems that no significant literary advances have been made in some 400 years, for regardless of the context, the only literature which is quoted is from the 19th century backward.  Not that I'm complaining.  It's somewhat existence affirming to have similar literary tastes as Jean-Luc Picard.

4.)  Wesley Crusher.  This isn't going to be popular, but I actually like that Wesley is a hugely intergral part of Season 1 (oh, surprise, surprise, it looks like Wesley saved the day, AGAIN), if for no other reason than it is delightfully amusing to make fun of hiim in his rainbow-striped nylon jumpsuit.  Apparently the pro-gay crowd made significant inroads to popularized men's fashion following the fall-out of the 21st century world-wide nuclear war.

Anyway, that's about it.  I look forward to watching yet another episode this evening, perhaps two.  One can only hope.