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An Anniversary Ode to My Wife

This August 23rd marks the 8-year anniversary of my marriage to my beautiful wife, Brooke.  Eight years seems like a long time, but honestly it has flown by, and through the good and the bad, I’m grateful for and humbled by the blessing of the time that we’ve had together.

I could continue on in a sappy vein, but I thought I’d share a “Top Ten” (or so) of the very best reasons to be married to Brooke.

  1. She’s hot 🙂
  2. She wrangles will phone bills, car payments, and all the other fiscal responsibilities that would be left undone if I were left to myself
  3. She’s a great mother to our wonderful daughter
  4. She consistently takes care of the laundry 😉
  5. She is hilarious, and is patient with my feeble (read failed) attempts at the same
  6. She doesn’t let me mope, and calls me on it when I try to pretend that I’m not bothered about something!
  7. She has a very positive outlook on the future for our lives, and motivates me (or drags me, when needed!) to get the best out of it
  8. She’s extremely empathetic, and is able to comfort me and lift my spirits when I’m sad, sick, hurt, and everything in between
  9. She’s a constant inspiration for More >

The Imaging of God and the Creating Word

The Creating Word

In describing the mechanism of God’s creative energy, the writers of the biblical creation narratives may have employed any number of devices to communicate the unfathomable act of creation ex nihilo.  Unlike other narratives that imagine creation taken from the body of a deity, or even one in which the universe springs forth from pure, divine thought, the whole of creation in the biblical drama issues forth from the spoken word of the Creator.  This is profound, for speech is ultimately not an act of isolated engagement, but as Heidegger notes, is equally speaking and listening, a hearing and uncovering, an equal state of showing and beholding.

In this way, the speaking-Creator in the act of primal, universal becoming signifies something of the way in which the Creator is related to the creation.  Because the spoken word underpins the entire drama and energy of the universe’s becoming, that which is brought into being–the spoken-into–is made to participate in the one who speaks.  Through its emerging existence, the creation forms a conversation with the Creator, concomitantly the outcome of the word and the reason for it.

Moreover, the logic of this creating/becoming conversation unveils a suggestion of the meaningfulness of the creation to More >