ExtJS 4.2 Walkthrough — Part 6: The Big Form

After a few weeks off, we’re back to it! Hopefully, you’ve done your homework and are caught up 🙂

We’ve been working over the last several sessions on laying down some supporting pieces for some real functionality within our application. Not that we haven’t been doing “real” stuff to this point; but most of the pieces have been admittedly simple and are parts of the app that will be used infrequently. That is, managing car colors, categories, makes and models isn’t particularly “business logic”–they’re just ancillary (although necessary) parts of a greater whole.

But now that we have several of these foundational elements in place, we can really start plugging away at the core purpose of our app, which is Inventory Management.

So without further ado, let’s get to it.

NOTE: The code for this session can be found on GitHub.

Our Goals for this Session

In this installment, we want to tackle the following:

  • Build an Inventory Form for entering data
  • Wire up form to a new controller for adding/editing inventory records
  • Display inventory records in a grid (surprise, surprise!)
  • Build a search form for our inventory records

Our inventory management form is actually going to be a bit complex (not in difficulty, but in data collection), so we won’t actually finish the whole thing More >