I’ve been using the MOG iPhone app for several months now.  While I’m more or less happy with the service, the app itself has always left a lot of things to be desired.  In it’s most recent update, however, MOG has finally addressed what I considered to be some of the biggest deficiencies…with these updates, it’s finally a real app :)  Here are some of the upgrades:

  • New “Now Playing” Screen
  • Seeking within a song (duh, can’t believe it took this long)
  • New queue features:
    • Queue Next
    • Add to End of Queue
    • Clear Queue and Play
  • Stop audio by unplugging headphones (to me, this is the biggest upgrade, and is something I’ve been looking forward to for about 4 months)

Anyway, that’s about it.  Again, MOG is a great service, and it’s nice to see continued improvements to the app.