My blog has been through the ringer.

First, it’s really the combination of 2 custom blogs that I had created and manually ported to WordPress.

Second, none of the posts in my old blogs were really “categorized”, so my posts came to WordPress meta-data-challenged.

Third, some of the ways that WordPress handles content is a bit weird.

Fourth, it takes FOREVER to go through and apply a featured image to EVERY SINGLE POST.

Let’s Back Up: The Story

Ever since I ported my old blogs into this single platform, I’ve wanted to do a better job of categorizing my posts.  Fortunately, WordPress makes this pretty easy with the “Quick Edit” options. Once I finally got all my posts properly categorized, I wanted to be able to associate an image with each category, to sort of spruce up the look of my posts and associate each category with a visual aspect.

While there are a bunch of plugins that allow for this sort of thing, I didn’t really want to mess with implementing some kind of code solution. After all, I don’t mind picking an image for each post…it was really just getting all the old posts associated with a particular “featured image” that was the issue.

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