A Fond Farewell to Sencha

A Not-So-Brief-History

It was about 7 years ago when I was first introduced to Ext JS. My introduction wasn’t anything overly fancy; it was just an Ext JS grid (version 2!) plopped down on a random webpage. However, from the moment I saw the code for the first time, and how easy it was to configure an awesome and totally Web 2.0-looking grid that could easily interact with the data coming from my ColdFusion (yikes!) application server, I was hooked.

I distinctly remember spending the first solid week of a brand new job racing through my orientation tasks for the day just so I could have some extra time to explore the documentation and experiment with the examples, and then staying up late at home to explore even further. As time went on, I advocated further usage of Ext JS for the company’s apps, wrote some (interesting…) ColdFusion custom tags that wrapped a bunch of Ext JS functionality, and even created a training session with a co-worker (who also went on to work at Sencha!) to describe how awesome and useful the Element APIs could be.

Work kept going, and I focused mostly on server-side development, completely missing out on Ext JS 3, 4 More >

2013 Year in Blogging

Well, it’s that time of year. WordPress today gave me a nice little infographic about my year in blogging. Check it out!

On the whole, it was one of my more active years, but not nearly as active as I’d like. I often get caught up in doing “big” blog posts, but in 2014, I’m going to endeavor to do more in quantity as well. I’ve got a lot of exciting stuff coming in the new year, so there should be plenty of fodder for writing.

I do appreciate everyone who takes the time to check out what I blog about. I hope it’s interesting to you, and hope that the stuff I post in the next year will be even better.

Hope that your 2013 was a great year, and best wishes in 2014!

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Quick Updates

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I’m still alive! 🙂

The last several weeks have been *crazy*, and I’m also in the process of switching hosting companies. Once things settle down a bit (hopefully next week), I’ll be back to blogging more regularly.

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Why Does God Hate the East Coast So Much?

Over the weekend, Presidential-hopeful Michele Bachmann joked that the recent string of natural disasters to hit the East Coast are clearly the sign that God is displeased with current levels of government spending.

It seems pretty obvious that her “joke” was a calculated rhetorical ploy to connect with her audience that day, so I think speculation about whether or not she actually “believes” that these disasters were somehow ordained by God are unnecessary. However, joking aside, there are many others–like the now predictable Mr. Robertson–who sincerely believe that this or that natural disaster are not only initiated by God, but are moreover intended to bring about some desired end. That is, the devastation is not just punitive; it’s also supposed to bring about a change in behavior.

But what change? The problem, of course, is how one is supposed to interpret a divinely ordained natural disaster. Earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes are hardly *targeted* phenomenon. So if the presumed instigator of God’s holy wrath is particular sins by particular people (you know, the usual: homosexuality, supporting comprehensive health care reform, or voting for Obama), how does one discern against whom (or what) the natural disaster is directed when everyone in the path of the More >

If You Want a Good Zombie Movie, Follow the Rules

Over the last month or so, I’ve watched a BUNCH of zombie movies. From absolute classics like Night of the Living Dead, to foreign offerings like The Horde, I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the terrible in the way of zombie movies. While this is to be expected of all movie genres (but perhaps especially those which tend to hover around the B-movie monicker), for me, it’s not the typical things that make zombie movies great or awful. Some movies live and die on acting, special effects, and plot. While these are certainly not un-important in a zombie flick, they don’t sit on the top of the list in my book. Rather, what makes a great zombie movie is one which follows the rules of zombie movies.

The Rules

Ok, first of all, I don’t think there are *really* any hard-and-fast zombie rules. Sure, some will argue about whether zombies should be able to run, or whether they should be intelligent enough to organize efforts on a minimal level, or whether they should have enough dexterity to turn a doorknob. But in my thinking, trying to pigeon-hole such an expansive field of horror-creature is just wrong.

So these are not the More >

An Anniversary Ode to My Wife

This August 23rd marks the 8-year anniversary of my marriage to my beautiful wife, Brooke.  Eight years seems like a long time, but honestly it has flown by, and through the good and the bad, I’m grateful for and humbled by the blessing of the time that we’ve had together.

I could continue on in a sappy vein, but I thought I’d share a “Top Ten” (or so) of the very best reasons to be married to Brooke.

  1. She’s hot 🙂
  2. She wrangles will phone bills, car payments, and all the other fiscal responsibilities that would be left undone if I were left to myself
  3. She’s a great mother to our wonderful daughter
  4. She consistently takes care of the laundry 😉
  5. She is hilarious, and is patient with my feeble (read failed) attempts at the same
  6. She doesn’t let me mope, and calls me on it when I try to pretend that I’m not bothered about something!
  7. She has a very positive outlook on the future for our lives, and motivates me (or drags me, when needed!) to get the best out of it
  8. She’s extremely empathetic, and is able to comfort me and lift my spirits when I’m sad, sick, hurt, and everything in between
  9. She’s a constant inspiration for More >

Quick Update

I like the free, hosted site I have, but I need something a bit more customizable.  Therefore, I’ll probably be pretty silent over the next couple of days while I upgrade my WordPress to a real install on my own hosting account.  But don’t worry, I’ll be back 🙂

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Quick Update

It’s been a few days since my last post.  It’s partly because I’ve been busy at work, but also because I’ve been working on a super-sweet demo for a new post, which I hope to publish tomorrow.

While you’re waiting, why not check out the season premier of Psych?

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