A Not-So-Brief-History

It was about 7 years ago when I was first introduced to Ext JS. My introduction wasn’t anything overly fancy; it was just an Ext JS grid (version 2!) plopped down on a random webpage. However, from the moment I saw the code for the first time, and how easy it was to configure an awesome and totally Web 2.0-looking grid that could easily interact with the data coming from my ColdFusion (yikes!) application server, I was hooked.

I distinctly remember spending the first solid week of a brand new job racing through my orientation tasks for the day just so I could have some extra time to explore the documentation and experiment with the examples, and then staying up late at home to explore even further. As time went on, I advocated further usage of Ext JS for the company’s apps, wrote some (interesting…) ColdFusion custom tags that wrapped a bunch of Ext JS functionality, and even created a training session with a co-worker (who also went on to work at Sencha!) to describe how awesome and useful the Element APIs could be.

Work kept going, and I focused mostly on server-side development, completely missing out on Ext JS 3, 4 More >