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In Memoriam

Today, my family celebrates the life and commemorates the death of my grandfather, O. Dean Watson.  Although I was unable to attend the memorial service, I wrote a few thoughts that I shared with my family.

Grandpa, you lived your life full of virtue–anyone who met you, and especially those who knew you well and loved you dearly, could immediately see that. You lived daily with immense compassion, purposeful integrity, and limitless generosity. Your words were always graced with good will, and you found—and brought out—the best in everyone, revealing to family, friends and strangers alike the love of God which filled your heart and soul.

And as if these great virtues were not sufficient, your life was marked indelibly by the deep faith which you held out for all to see. In good times and in bad, in rejoicing and in suffering, you always demonstrated the abiding trust you had in the promises of our Heavenly Father, a trust which you worked tirelessly and to your final days to cultivate in your family, your friends, and every person with whom you had a moment’s opportunity to fellowship. Even in the face of death, your confidence did not waiver, and courageously you More >