This may have been out for a while, but I recently ran across it: "The New Defender's Study Bible: Understanding the Critical Issues of Faith from a Literal Creationist Viewpoint".

My initial reaction was laughter at such absurdity. After all, here is someone going to the trouble of writing an entire study Bible for the express purpose of promoting a 21st century conception of Creationism. However, as I thought about it, I quickly became quite disturbed.
Consider the tagline that is included on the advertisements for this Study Bible:

Now the most complete and uncompromising study Bible defending the scientific accuracy of Scripture has been enlarged from 1,620 pages to 2,202 pages. With larger, easier to read type and 50% more commentary, this is the finest study Bible available.

I want to make sure anybody didn't miss that. First, this is "the finest study Bible available." Forget a study Bible that would train one in the historic orthodoxy of the Church; don't bother with a study Bible that would instruct one in the call to ethical formation. No, finally the finest study Bible available has arisen from the masses of others, and deals with the most important issue possible: Creationism.


But what is even worse is that it supposes itself to be "the most complete and uncompromising study Bible defending the scientific accuracy of Scripture" ! Now those who read this blog on a regular basis are familiar with my anatagonism for lines of thinking which inappropriately merge the supposedly necessary meaning of Scripture with particular philosophical methodologies. But this so-called "Study Bible" has gone to the nth degree in this regard. By fusing creationism with the Study Bible, the authors are making a not-so-subtle claim that their particular assumptions about creationism are not only biblical, but moreover that this form of belief is essential to right Christian belief and salvation.

Inevitably, however, this will backfire. When the currently faddish conception of creationism that is herein fused to the study of Scripture is no longer maintainable by even its more vociferous adherents as attaining "scientific merit," all those who have based their study of Scripture (and formation of doctrine, belief and ethics) upon this "resource" will inherit the damage of this incredibly irresponsible publication.
This all goes to show that even the most self-styled defenders of "absolute Biblical authority" can have other agendas and can easily confuse the "defense" of Scripture with the propogation of their own dearly held philosophical presuppositions.

On the bright side, it comes in the King James Version (red bounded leather, no less!), so at least they got something right (DOH!).