Well, Adobe's AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) must be getting ready for primetime, for today a brand-spanking new logo was unveiled.

For those who don't know, AIR is a cross-platform runtime that allows developers to create web and desktop applications which leverage languages like ActionScript 3, HTML, Javascript, etc.

AIR has had a mildly interesting development.  About a year ago, it was pushed in beta as "Apollo" featuring a rocketship-themed logo.  Next, it was suddenly switched over to "AIR" with the standard "new" Adobe branding.  Today, however, marks the third rebranding in a year–hopefully the last one.

While I'm not wild about the new logo (I like the Apollo one alot better), I think it indicates a more concerted effort on Adobe's part to make AIR a serious tool for developers to consider. 

Sadly, I have only developed a single AIR application.  I utilized the Flex architecture, but what I developed could have just as easily been completed in standard HTML and Javascript.  Hopefully, in the year to come, I will have an opportunity to play around with it a bit more.  

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