I do not like PHP.  Period.  Sorry.  I find it clunky and it makes me irritable.  Sure, it's free, but so what?  There's a lot of free things that I don't like (like the flu, for example). 

What's my beef?  Tonight, I launched my first successful WordPress integration.  For the testing phase, I had the installation in a sub-folder off the main site.  Everything worked great. 

But finally I moved it to the root.  Guess what?  PHP got angry at me.  On nearly every page I received this error:

"Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at blah, blah blah)."  

Apparently this is common error, caused by whitespace.  Really?  Stupid.  I can't believe that PHP can't process a file with whitespace…just seems really, well, dumb.  

But the kicker is this: nothing changed between moving the files from my testing folder to the root!  For whatever reason, PHP didn't care about it when it was in the testing folder, but then changed its mind when I moved the files.  Again, dumb.

Anyway, the fix was really simple.  Turns out that there were two lines of whitespace in my wp-config.php file, whitespace which I didn't put there (thanks WordPress).

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