Over the last two days, I’ve been playing around alot with a new plugin that I’ve been working on for inclusion in CKEditor, expressly for the purposes of creating a very handy way of inserting snippets of code, decorated by Syntax Highlighter, into ContentBox‘s content editor.

Some of the functionality I’ve been playing around with is the different ways in which you can trigger “edit” events on elements in CKEditor, primarily for the purpose of opening a modal window and allowing for editing of the element’s properties (such as href, title, class, etc.). This weekend, I brought the options in the new plugin I’m working on up to the following:

  • Via link in context menu
  • Double-clicking the element
  • And the most interesting…using jQuery to help overlay an inline-tooltip (see below)

In my next post, i’ll describe how to do this…just wanted to put out a teaser before I sleep and prepare for the new week!