This August 23rd marks the 8-year anniversary of my marriage to my beautiful wife, Brooke.  Eight years seems like a long time, but honestly it has flown by, and through the good and the bad, I’m grateful for and humbled by the blessing of the time that we’ve had together.

I could continue on in a sappy vein, but I thought I’d share a “Top Ten” (or so) of the very best reasons to be married to Brooke.

  1. She’s hot 🙂
  2. She wrangles will phone bills, car payments, and all the other fiscal responsibilities that would be left undone if I were left to myself
  3. She’s a great mother to our wonderful daughter
  4. She consistently takes care of the laundry 😉
  5. She is hilarious, and is patient with my feeble (read failed) attempts at the same
  6. She doesn’t let me mope, and calls me on it when I try to pretend that I’m not bothered about something!
  7. She has a very positive outlook on the future for our lives, and motivates me (or drags me, when needed!) to get the best out of it
  8. She’s extremely empathetic, and is able to comfort me and lift my spirits when I’m sad, sick, hurt, and everything in between
  9. She’s a constant inspiration for me to be a better husband and father.  Yes, I know it’s slow work (painfully slow, I suspect), but I’m trying, I promise!!!
  10. Sharing life with her makes me feel complete and satisfied–no matter what comes and goes in life, being together is more than enough for me

Bonus #11:  She has a great family that is fun to be around and supports us through the ups and downs in life!

Brooke, I love you very much!  Happy 8th, and here’s to the next 8! 🙂