As I’ve used Sencha Fiddle, I’ve really come to enjoy how simple it makes testing ideas, exploring aspects of Ext JS, and debugging my code. One of the really nice features is the ability to simulate AJAX requests. While this is REALLY nice for simulating the loading of remote data, one place where it has a gap is in testing a fully-rounded workflow…for example, loading data from the server, modifying it, sending it back to the server, and receiving a successful response.

For these kinds of tasks, there a few options. First, you can set up your own server which your Fiddle code can talk to, either via CORS or JSONP. While this works, it’s a pain. Most of the time the stuff I’m doing in Fiddle is not that involved, so having to mess with a server just for remote communications is a little onerous.

Another option is Using this service, you can create and manage cloud-based data structures. And using their RESTful API, you can retrieve this data, as well as all the other standard CRUD operations.

Integrating with your Ext JS app (or Sencha Touch app) is RIDICULOUSLY easy. I’m going to assume you’ve already set up your More >