Ok, so for those who know me, I've never exactly been the biggest fan of ANYTHING that Microsoft has forced upon the genearl computing public.  IMO, Word is about the best thing that they've done, and even that is pretty lame.

Obviously, I have complained more than once about how Microsoft does (or maybe I should say "doesn't do) the web.  However, because of the fact that the majority of people still use this inferior browser, I've tolerated it.  

Well, this last week, the beta of IE8 came out .  

(Warning: To install IE8 you will have to install it over the top of IE7–you can't run them side-by-side.  However, IE8 does allow for the emulation of IE7, which is a reasonable compromise)

Over the last couple of weeks, I've done a fair bit of reading about IE8, and even blogged about it .  So it was with some anticipation that I signed up for the beta.  On the whole, the improvements are positive.  The interface itself looks a bit better (less off-color-ish than IE7 and IE6) and cleaner.  There are a bunch of add-ons (called "Actions") that can be downloaded, and for what is the first time (I think), developers can actually begin More >