Okay, so I've been getting into Twitter quite a bit lately.  I like being able to just post random stuff for people to read that does not require the length of a blog nor the time investment of an IM.

During my experience with Twitter, I've come across some pretty cool ways to extend it that make it easier and a lot more interesting to use.

The first, and most important, is Snitter.  Snitter is a desktop client for Twitter that allows you to do pretty much everything you'd do in Twitter, but from the convenience of your desktop.  Currently, it has a cap of a certain number of actions per day, but I think that will change as they upgrade their servers and web services.  Definitely worth checking out.

The second is Twitty Tunes.  This plugin for Firefox and FoxyTunes (you are using Firefox, right???) lets you post any song that is being played straight to Twitter.  Additionally, you can use it to post web pages that you are browsing.

Finally, a new site has launched–twistori–which is a pretty interesting experiment with Twitter keywords.  This application simply scrapes Twitter for all posts that contain certain keywords (like 'love, hate, believe, etc.') and displays More >