Over the last three weeks, ToothandNail records has released 3 tremendously cool albums, all of which reveal just how far ToothandNail has come. 

Before the albums, however, let me reminisce :).  I've been a fan of ToothandNail for a LONG time.  10 years or so ago, ToothandNail was releasing copious amounts of albums.  The one problem: they didn't have the resources for good production or good recording.  The result was really cool albums that sounded like crap.  

Fortunately, those days are long gone.  With the success of many of its roster of bands, ToothandNail has obviously been able to upgrade its recording and production talent.  Most of albums coming out of ToothandNail are slick and finished, lacking any remnants of the good old days.

With that said, the albums I've been listening to are as follows:

Emery :  While Broken Hearts Prevail

This is really more of an EP, but it's got some seriously cool songs on it. Emery's sound continues to evolve as the band becomes less and less afraid to loosen the tether to their trademark screamo.  It worked well for Dead Poetic (IMO), so I think it's a positive for Emery as well.

Ruth :  Anorak

My first exposure to Ruth More >