It seems obvious: if you want to be effective in your social media efforts, you should listen to your customers.  Whether they’re tweeting about your services, or starting conversations on your Facebook fan page, customers do these things because they find value in the activity…and they want their voices and opinions to be heard.

Yet despite this no-brainer, it’s surprising how many companies and businesses pursue social media simply for the sake of saying that they do it, rather than truly committing to the complex and resource-intensive task of starting–and finishing–relationships that happen at the speed of the web.

The Importance of Listening

Don’t get me wrong.  It is important to have a well developed (and executed!) strategy for your social media efforts.  Everything from frequency, to platforms, to messaging should be CAREFULLY considered and implemented even more intentionally.  Yet for all of this, remember that social media for a business is ultimately about giving.  Sure, you want to increase visibility, drive sales, and develop better awareness of your brand (and if you’re doing things right, these will naturally follow).  However, the bottom line of social media is ultimately about what your customers, fans, and followers get from you.  Yes, it sucks More >