Today, a client of mine ( ) contacted me and requested that I set up a way for Technorati to be updated when posts are created and updated.  

Although I have certainly heard of Technorati , until today I had not had any exposure to everything that it does.  One feature is that it acts as a blog aggregator of sorts.  Admittedly, it has some nice functionality: besides displaying posts from blogs, it also includes comments and is smart enough to get username and avatar information.  The downside is that Technorati–like Google and other content aggregators–only update sites as their bots get to them.  Obviously, left to itself, this can take some time, and posts which were made yesterday could not appear for several days (or longer).

Fortunately, Technorati has a nice webservice that allows users to ping the server to alert it to changes to the blog content.  Admittedly, the update still takes about 10 minutes, but that is still better than the unacceptable alternative…

So anyway, the webservice is extremely simple. I wrapped up the relevant code in a nice ColdFusion function and simply invoked it on the end of my normal post processing.  The enitrety of the code is as follows:


<cffunction More >