As you’re developing ContentBox modules, you will certainly come to a point where you’ll want to be able to extend the Page/Entry editor. Whether you need to add a custom section to the options sidebar, or add some functionality beneath the main content editing area, ContentBox makes it incredibly easy to add your own custom functionality/views via interceptors.

In what follows, I’ll share an example of a module I recently developed and show how simple it is to add your own custom functionality to the ContentBox page/entry editor.

Some Context

Before we begin, let me describe what we’re building. My module is called “Super Menu”, and allows users to not only create custom menus from page/post content (as well as custom links), but also allows users to apply these custom menus to individual pages and entries. Because of this, my module needs to have a “section” in the page/entry editor that allows users to choose from a drop-down of menu names. For my module, I decided to place it in the “Page Details” sidebar. At the end, it should look something like this (notice the custom “Super Menu” section at the bottom):

And, of course, when the form itself is submitted, I’ll want to More >