Back in the day, stylesheet-switchers were super-cool. I can clearly remember the thrill of creating several “themes” for a website, hooking them up to a cookie, and letting the awesome-ness roll. And in a way, they were pretty cool. After all, having the ability to switch the theme of a website did give *some* customizability to your website, even if the rest of the website was horrifically static!

But the big problem with switching stylesheets in the old days was the incredible headache of trying to maintain X-number of iterations of stylesheets. Need to switch the hue of the link colors? Bust out the find and replace, and be sure you don’t miss any! Want to add a bit of padding to your navigation? Rinse, repeat, and puke. It was burdensome, and prone to many mistakes. I can remember advocating STRONGLY on many occasions to just “live with” the current styles, rather than facing down the daunting task of modifying 8 different stylesheets which may or may not have had any comments/guidance/formatting to them (ok, some of that’s my bad I’m sure…).

So because of these frustrations, stylesheet-switching fell out of favor…at least with me. Too much work for not enough payoff. But those days More >