Earlier today, I was looking through the “New Functions in ColdFusion 10” doc, and noticed a few gems: ArrayEach() and StructEach(). These are huge, because until now, there has been something of a disconnect between dealing with arrays and structures in CF, and their counterparts in other languages, like JavaScript. All JS libraries (like ExtJS) have “each” methods attached to basic objects which allows you to treat collections of the same kind of thing in a bulk way. Fortunately, CF10 introduces two very handy new methods to apply an “each”-like process to both arrays and structures.

NOTE: The ArrayEach() and StructEach() functions act on the original array/struct. Therefore, if you make changes to the array/struct within these functions (as in the ArrayEach() example below), the original array/struct will be affected (thanks Andy!).


So, for example, let’s say you have an array of friends’ names, and you want to make the list all uppercase. Pre-CF10, you might approach this by looping over the array, and executing a function at each iteration. Fine, easy enough, and it works. However, with ArrayEach(), you can ditch the clunkiness of the for-loop, and keep everything self-contained to the array. And, you can execute either an “inline” function, or More >