As you come to use data stores regularly within ExtJS applications, you’ll quickly come to realize just how powerful they are. With very little code, you can create robust data repositories that can not only store complex data, but can (perhaps more importantly) drive components within your applications.

At some point, however, you’ll need to retrieve data from your Store in a query-like manner. That is, instead of looking up a record by a known ID or position within the store, you may need to find one or more records based on a search term, a category, or whatever else is required by your app.

Of course, as with everything else, ExtJS makes this pretty simple. Let’s suppose that we have the following Model:

Ext.define("MyApp.model.Bookmark", {
     extend: "",
     idProperty: "id",
     fields: [
         {name: "id", type: "int"},
         {name: "target", type: "string"},
         {name: "title", type: "string"},
         {name: "category", type: "string"},
         {name: "created", type: "date"}

Nothing to crazy here. Just a simple model with some standard kinds of fields for storing data, in this case, “bookmarks.” Now, let’s More >