Well, as those who have visited this site are aware, existdissolve.com has undergone major plastic surgery. While I did enjoy the old style, I was becoming somewhat tiresome to me aesthetically, so I decided it was time for a change.

In this new design, I have striven for simplicity. The code itself is tremendously more lightweight, and there should be no significant load times unlike the previous version that took FOREVER to load the sidebar with all the content that was included there. Also, the fonts are a lot larger and easier to read, so hopefully this will cut down on the eye damage that the 11 px font size was causing many on the previous version.

In moving to this design, I have also decided to display several posts on the home page instead of the solitary article that graced the former site. I hope that this will allow me to be able to update more often with shorter posts, not fearing that a major article will be buried in the archives behind something not as significant. Moreover, I have added post snippets of even more recent articles at the bottom with links to the particular articles. Finally, the astute More >