This caught me a little by surprise.  A few days ago, Ext JS–a pretty awesome JavaScript framework–announced that it is joining forces with jQTouch and Raphaël to form a new company named Sencha.  Branding, domain–everything is changing.

Personally, I really like this move.  To me, it shows that Ext JS is interested in expanding in very important directions–vector graphic JS manipulation and mobile content–by teaming up with jQTouch and Raphaël.  I’ve used Raphaël in the past for some pretty cool and simple effects, but have yet to really play around much with jQTouch (although it looks pretty sweet).  Anyway, I am definitely looking forward to what’s ahead for this already great framework..the future looks very bright 🙂

Interested in learning more? Check out Sencha’s official blog post about the merger.

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