I am proud and excited to announce the relaunch and redesign of my web design portfolio – singularityconcepts.com .

This redesign has been long needed (I never really liked the original), and I am very pleased with the final outcome.

For this redesign, I not only took a radically different approach to the aesthetics, but I also retooled the purpose of the site.  Originally, I tried to pass off singularityconcepts as a multi-person design firm, utilizing "we" to refer to work that, honestly, only "I" do.  For this redesign, I ditched the disconnected feel of that kind of language and have switched to making this site a personal web technology portfolio of sorts for myself.  

This means radical changes for existdissolve.com as well.  From now on, all of my technology-related posts will happen at singularityconcepts. For those who read this blog (all 3 of you) and are bored by my ramblings about web design, those days of languish are over.  And for those who like that sort of stuff, you will have to change your bookmarks :).  To compensate for this, I am going to endeavor to be more regular in my theological postings.  Life around my house is starting to normalize, so I More >