I've written a couple of articles in the last few months about my adventures in JavaScript.  While I certainly don't claim to be even proficient, I am getting better day by day.  As I pick up tricks and tips, I try to pass them on to help others out (hopefully!).  

Recently, we ran into an issue at work.  We're constantly adding JavaScript functionality to our company intranet.  While adding references to JavaScript files in the master pages that drive the templates is easy to do, there is a process that all master page changes have to go through, and this can limit the desirability of future changes.  What we needed was a way to dynamically load JavaScript files when needed, so that only the core init.js file that is loaded with every page request needs to be referenced on the master pages.

I've never done this kind of thing before, so I did a little snooping around.  There are apparently alot of solutions out there, some of them better and more robust than others.  After studying what they do, I decided to try my hand at building a simple JS loader in Spry, given that the core files I need are More >