Yeah, so I've been out of the loop quite a bit lately.  The primary reason is that I have been working a ton!  Beyond my normal web design and development duties at my regular job, I have also been working on some freelance projects which have occupied most of my ridiculously sparse free time (finishing Final Fantasy XII didn't help, either…).

Anyway, I am proud to announce that my first major freelance account is complete and live !

In a nutshell, is a online photography portfolio for Gary Compton, a native of Somerset, Kentucky.  In addition to displaying his photographs in an organized fashion, Gary also wanted visitors to be able to purchase various-sized prints online via PayPal.

Overall, this site was incredibly fun to do.  Not only was is something I had not done before, but it also provided me the opportunity to utilize some new technologies that I've been dabbling in over the last few months.  Primary of these is Adobe's Spry Framework , a robust yet ridiculously easy-to-implement javascript framework which provides the majority of the functionality on this website.    One of the particularly nice things about Spry (beyond providing the engine for the gallery) is that it has some nice, native More >