In his excellent book (and equally great NOVA mini-series), The Elegant Universe, physicist Brian Greene outlines the history of "the search for the theory of everything," the elusive, unifying theory that will explain the universe in all of its manifold glory.  The interesting thing about this theory, however, is that it's primary characteristic is not soaring profundity nor escaliting complexity.  To the contrary, Greene is convinced that the theory of everything, when finally discovered, will be characterized primarly by simplicity–or in his words, "elegance."  

To Greene, the "theory of everything" will be elegant because it will bring together what are now disparate theories that describe the nature of the universe.  It will be a theory that cohesively weaves together an understanding of the micro and macro universe; will unify the known physical laws; and will fundamentally "feel" right because of how it describes the infinitude of life in a simple theorem.

So what in the world does this have to do with writing JavaScript?  Well, it's somewhat of a stretch, but as I continue to grow in my JavaScript skills, the principle of "elegance" which Greene so eruditely describes resonates with me. 

Let me explain.  In no way do I wish More >