About a week ago, I mentioned my love of Google Reader, and how it contributes significantly to my web design process.

Well, it got just a bit better for me today.  While using Google Reader to follow one of my favorite blogs, I ran across a brand-spanking new AIR-based application that brings the functionality of Google Reader to the desktop.

This new application is ReadAir.  It is really nothing more than HTML and JavaScript, but it is shiny.  And the functionality–on the whole–is pretty good.  At this stage, it is still a bit buggy.  Unread feed counts do not update when an article is viewed, and it is also a bit slow.  However, the project is open-source, so hopefully others will come along and expand upon it to make it better.

So if you like Google Reader, take a look at ReadAir.  Oh, and be sure to let me know what you think about it!! 

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