I’ve had iOS4 upgrade on my iPhone 3GS for about 2 weeks now, and since I’m not unfortunate enough to have procured an iPhone 4, I thought I’d share a few reflections about my experiences.

First, the Bad

The biggest downside of the upgrade is that the new OS puts a severe beat down on the battery life.  Before the upgrade, I used to be able to listen to Pandora all day at work, make a few calls, and surf around on my phone while watching TV…on one battery charge.  Now, however, my battery life is at least halved, if not more.  If I start Pandora first thing at work, I’ll be getting down into the 30% range by late afternoon, necessitating an early evening charge.  *Sigh*

A few other disappointments:

  • Random buggy-ness: I’ve noticed that apps will randomly crash without warning
  • Multi-tasking management is kinda clunky–way too many double-clicks and holds to end a program (should give you the option when normally closing, me thinks…)
  • Camera “zoom” upgrade is a joke.  It’s exactly what you’d expect, and exactly what every app out there already did: make crappy, low megapixel pictures look even worse.
Now, the Good

While these are fairly serious issues, there are some definitely cool More >