Those not involved in website design and development may not know where I am coming from (and therefore not care), but I found something incredibly interesting today.  During my lunch break, I was making some updates to my blog, specifically adding links and images of the various browsers that are friendly to the design of my site (pretty much everything worked except the devil [IE 6], thank you very much).  Of course, I went first of all to the ol' standard browsers–Firefox, Internet Explorer 7, Opera.  No problems.  Then, I decided to see how Safari and Camino–both Mac browsers–handled it.  No problems either.  Woot.

Feeling pretty good about myself, I went off in search of some good-looking logos that I could use to provide links to said browsers that no one will actually ever use.  After finding all of the ones I wanted, I finished by searching for a great image of Safari's logo on Apple's site (not hard, since it is Mac and, therefore, necessarily wonderful).  To my surprise, I learned that Safari 3 is now in beta…for Windows!  Finally, a great Mac browser is coming to the devil's computer…it's about time.

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