Well, in case you live in a hole somewhere, the next three weeks are shaping up to be huge.  In less than two weeks, God-fearing Americans will celebrate the day-before-Lent (Fat Tuesday) by more or less determining the identities of the Democratic and Repulican presidential nominees.  In another week and two days, lovers across the world will commemorate their passions with cheap chocolates and over-priced floral arrangements.  

Yet few realize that an even more momentous event will occur between these big days.  But this event will be truly earth-shaking, and it will hit February 12th.

No, it's not the most recent Jack Van Impe prediction for the return of Christ, and it is not the release date of what is going to be the incredibly awesome sequel to Batman Begins, The Dark Knight.  

Nope.  February 12th is none other than the death of Internet Explorer 6.

Okay, that was a bit dramatic, and not entirely accurate.  Despite fervent prayers in support of IE6's digicide, IE 6 has proven, historically, to be more difficult to kill than it is to design a website for (and that's saying something!).  Rather, February 12th marks the date when Internet Explorer 7–IE 6's better (but still not More >