I recently worked on a project which, among other things, involved implementing the "easybe 1-2-3" music store software (basically, it's a pretty simple-to-use platform for managing for-sale music downloads).

One of the major drawbacks of this software is that it doesn't come pre-built with a music player.  While it does provide links to file samples that users can download and listen to (way too many steps for 30 seconds…), there's no one-step player for checking out clips from all the songs on an album.  

No fear!  There are ways around this, and in the following I'll walk you through the simple steps to deploy a free, light-weight mp3 player that can play the music you want your visitors to hear.

First, let's get the mp3 player.  While you could use many of the freely-available mp3 players out there, I like the one from premiumbeat.com.  It's super-stipped down and simple to use.  Plus, it accepts an XML file, which will work perfectly for our needs.

Once you have the mp3 player of your choice, go ahead and deploy it on your server.  Don't worry, I'll wait until you're done.

All set?  Excellent.  The next step is to open up the Album Details template file in More >