Regular readers of this blog will note that I have devoted a number of posts to providing an apologetic for the compatibility of the theory of evolution, big bang cosmology and Christian theology.

In pursuing these ideas, my intention has not been to suggest that these naturalistic theories of origins are infallible.  Rather, I am simply attempting to be intellectually honest with the data that is available, recognizing that these categories are currently the best we have for describing the universe in which we live and how it developed in cosmological history.  In fact, in private conversations I have repeatedly asserted by certainty that in years to come, these theories will be modified or even supplanted by others that better describe the evidence.

But the beautiful thing, I think, is that Christian theology is not harmed by these ways of understanding the development of the universe.  My purpose in these posts, after all, is not to necessarily support naturalistic theories of origins, but rather to show how Christian faith and belief is not affected by the winds of scientific change.  As Christian faith is necessarily transcendent of all philosophical fads and trends, so it should be apparent that current scienitifc theories should More >