Tomorrow morning, I jump on a flight (fortunately non-stop) for the Microsoft SharePoint Conference [09].  I'll either be not blogging at all, or very regularly…it's tough to tell at these kinds of conferences.

Things I'm hoping to learn:

  • This conference will unveil the newest release of SharePoint–I'm interested to see if there have been significant changes over the current version.  I've heard that there are some cool new features, but you never really know about this kind of stuff until you see it, especially when early reports come from fanboys
  • I've been getting into XAML and Flex a little bit recently, so I'm interested to see what's going on in the world of Silverlight.  It's very rarely spoken of in the circles I frequent (the cool ones, of course!), so it will be nice to see what the status of SL development is.
  • Now that we're getting close to a more or less stable architecture at work, we'll be getting to place pretty soon where we'll be able to start building on top of SharePoint.  Several of the sessions are devoted to UI/Social Networking/Pretty, so hopefully I can come away with some decent/fun/workable ideas. 
  • Other stuff/how not to get mugged in Las Vegas

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