Over the last several months, I’ve been incredibly lucky to be able to work with ExtJS 4 on a daily basis. And I’m not just talking about dabbling here and there; rather, I mean developing a full-on legit application. It’s been awesome.

As I’ve been building this application, I’ve developed a TON of custom, reusable code. Some of it is app-specific, but a lot of it is application-agnostic. For example, in my ColdFusion settings, all AJAX responses are prepended with “//”. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but the default ExtJS 4 data readers don’t understand this…so I built a set of custom reader extensions that solve this problem.

So now that the application is more in “maintenance” mode, I’ve been taking an inventory of all the custom, globally-reusable extensions and plugins that I’ve created. And it’s got me wondering about how, exactly, one should (or could) leverage all this reusable goodness in a way that doesn’t require a clunky copy-paste for every project.


With the release of Sencha Cmd 3.0, you can now leverage the concept of a “workspace” to aid in managing reusable code. I’ve not personally used this yet, but it seems like a really nice solution.

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