For about the last 9 years, my wife and I have been lugging around giant, fabric-bound cases of CDs. While most of the music we listen to nowadays is delivered via iTunes or MOG, we’ve held onto these portable discs of sound…and I’m not really sure why.

Sure, there are some gems that I’ve found–albums that I’ve all-but-forgotten about, but smile fondly when I am now reminded.  But, it’s still mostly a pile of garbage…and it’s still something I can’t bring myself to throw away!

But finally this weekend, after going through the collection for about the 1 billionth time, I decided that I had had enough. I vowed, then and there, to ditch this pile of garbage for good…after I imported them into iTunes, of course

So I started importing the music, disc by disc, album by album. And here’s something I’ve noticed: when your entire CD collection is spread across several zippered carrying cases, it doesn’t seem that large. However, when you pile them all up next to each other–and have to wait on a less-than-speedy CD drive, you realize (very quickly) just how much of a chore awaits you.

Now here I am, nearly 60 discs into the over 350-disc More >