I've read alot of articles on the interblog in which people claim that Google's new browser, Chrome, will hurt Firefox, rather than Internet Explorer.  The biggest reason for this, the protagonists claim, is that given that Internet Explorer users are the least likely to change their browsers, the majority of acceptance of Chrome will come from others…hence the hit to Firefox.

But is this really accurate?  I don't buy it.  The way I see it, the argument made above is true, but in reverse.  It is undeniable that people who use IE, besides being horribly misguided in their choice of browsers, are less than likely to switch to a new browser.  But it is equally true, IMO, that those who use Firefox are already predisposed to using more than one browser.  So rather than a huge pile of competition, Chrome represents just another option.

Of course, if Chrome turns out to be really flippin' cool (which I don't see yet…) and vastly superior to all other options, it is probably more accurate that ALL browsers are in trouble.  The time is not far away when Google will be placing proprietary OS's on new computers and, just like the Behemoth Microsoft before it, More >