A few days ago, Sencha rolled out Sencha Architect 2, the major overhaul and rebranding of what was formerly Sencha Designer. You can check out the release blog post to get the low-down on all the new features.

When I saw the news about the release, I have to say I was a bit hesitant to look much further. I’ve tried Sencha Designer several times in the past, and I’ve been somewhat disappointed with it. Sure, it was great for laying out apps, but when you actually needed to *code*, it was lackluster at best. But even worse, I found it to be very buggy; it would crash at random times, and overall I found the process of trying to mockup an app to be more frustrating than anything else.

So initially, I wasn’t planning on even trying out the newest iteration. But then I noticed that one of the biggest additions to the product is  support for creating a full ExtJS or Touch app–not just the UI. I felt I had to take a closer look, and I’m glad I did.


Out of the box, Architect 2 is worlds better than its previous iterations. The interface is slick and responsive, and the way More >