Yeah, so I'm really dumb.  For a long time, I've used DreamWeaver pretty much exclusively as an IDE for my web projects.  There's something that makes sense here, as it has pretty good HTML and CSS features, and some limited ColdFusion and XML niceties.  However, it is the suck when it comes to JavaScript editing.

Today I discovered Aptana.  Of course, I've used Aptana before…by used, I mean, of course, that I downloaded the free version and played around with it (especially the built in AIR support).  However, I had never really used it to modify JavaScript.

Well, there is a new love in my life!  Aptana is smart enough to take my JavaScript, spaghetti-code as it is, and self-document all of the functions and variables that I have set.  They may not seem like a big deal, but when you have several hundreds of lines of JS code with inline comments, it can be a big pain to scroll around trying to find this or that.  

With Aptana, this kind of stone-age button pecking is over.  Aptana has a nice, built-in "Outline" toolbar that helpfully shows all of the functions in the selected file, along with any declared variables.  Plus, each More >