I’m Probably Getting Ready to Dump Firefox

Anyone who knows me knows that I have long been a big supporter of Firefox.  Back in the day, Firefox was the breath of fresh air in the otherwise olfactory-oppressing wasteland of an IE-dominated interwebs.  Firefox was fast, innovative, and, best of all, let you add stuff on to it.

Add cool stuff.  Like Pay-Pal plugins.  Like RSS readers.  Like Firebug.

It was the bees’ knees, and looked like it was going to gobble up all the stragglers that IE left in its “who cares about the experience” attitude toward the internet.

But then Chrome came along.  It was sleek.  It was fast.  And best of all, it brought some fresher-than-Firefox ideas to browsing.

Better, fresher ideas.  Like tabs-on-top.  Like better architecture for faster…everything.  Like not-having-to-upgrade-every-2.5-seconds.

So I’ve been using Chrome alot lately.  Sure, it’s different.  But what I’ve found is that it’s better.  Sure, it doesn’t have Firebug (which is probably the only reason whatsoever that I continue to use Firefox).  But every version gets better.  And faster.  And awesomer.

And Firefox?  Perhaps its my groaning, Vista-laden PC, but Firefox hates everything.  It’s slow, it freezes, it crashes…and very few of the plugins that I depend on for Firefox to be awesome can keep up with the More >

ColdFusion Query Parameter Weirdness

You can file this one under either “huh, that’s kinda cool” or “that’s terrible…don’t ever do it!”…or maybe both.

As of ColdFusion 9, it’s now possible to execute queries in 100% cfscript. This is awesome for me ‘cuz I just happen to prefer to do as much in cfscript as possible.

Anyway, if you’ve worked with the cfscript version of cfquery, you’ll know that mimicking the behavior of cfqueryparam is pretty straightforward. Something like the following should do the trick:

     // create new query services
     qs = new query();
     // set attributes of service
     // set sql
     qs.setsql("select title from posts where isawesome = ?);
     // set queryparam for dynamic query
     ...rest of processing...

Easy enough. I got to wondering if it would be possible to use a ternary operator as the “value” of the queryparam. Turns out, you can 🙂

     // set queryparam for dynamic query using ternary operator
     qs.addparam(value=form.isawesome==true ? 'Awesome' : '',cfsqltype="varchar");

Here, if a form variable (“isawesome”) is set to true, the value of the parameter will be “Awesome”; otherwise, it will be set to empty string.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. On a certain level, it’s cool that it works. However, it feels kind of hacky to More >

“Son of the Morning,” by Oh, Sleeper

This outstanding track by Oh, Sleeper can be found on the new Tooth and Nail Solid State Sampler (just click on “Free Sampler”).

To me, this is one of those tracks that epitomizes how lyrical meaning can be radically extended by the medium in which it is delivered.  While I think the lyrics on their own merits are pretty profound, their execution against the shrill guitars and angst of the vocal performance infuse them with a level of intensity and meaning that could not be captured otherwise.  This is definitely one of my new favorite songs.


This song is basically a conversation between Satan and the crucified Christ, or rather a monologue from two radically different perspectives.

Throughout the song, the devil exults in his apparent victory over the “weak forgiver,” the supposed savior who has been vanquished by the devil’s hand in the grave.  Satan continues by mocking the dead Christ, intimating that he should have used his power to save himself, rather than “wasting power on grace.”  And having triumphed over Christ in death, the devil promises that the same end which now enfolds the body of the redeemer will be that toward which he will lure all those Christ came to More >

Quick Update

I like the free, hosted wordpress.com site I have, but I need something a bit more customizable.  Therefore, I’ll probably be pretty silent over the next couple of days while I upgrade my WordPress to a real install on my own hosting account.  But don’t worry, I’ll be back 🙂

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