Over the weekend, my family and I moved to Maineville, OH.  We were able to find a really nice house with a lot more space than our old cramped apartment.  While unpacking, I decided to finally tackle a task I had been putting off for years: pulling data off my old PC so that I can stop dragging it around everywhere I go…

While browsing these old files, I found the source code for the very first web site that I ever made.

As a disclaimer, this site is very rough.  I had no idea about HTML–so it’s basically an export from Photoshop to the web.  But as rough as it is, it was where I got my start, and so this site will always have a special place in my heart.  Plus, it was something that I made for good friends, so that’s an added bonus :)

Anyway, check it out when you have a chance, and marvel at the awesomeness!