If you’ve ever played basketball, football, or extreme frisbee with me, you’ll know that exercise produces certain epidermic transformations in me…namely, beet-red skin.  I’ve always had this malady, whether in shape or not.

Tonight, I finished up Kenpo X as part of my P90X routine.  I’m only the second week into it, but I felt really, really good about this workout.  I finished all the reps and made conscious efforts to push myself when I felt myself letting up.  I was feeling pretty confident, and as I toweled off my face my daughter walked into the living room.  Noticing my painfully red face, she looked at me and said in a joking, mocking tone:

“Daddy, why is your face all red?

“Well, honey, I just got done with a really strenuous workout,” I replied.

Holding back a laugh, she blurted out, “No, you’re just doing it all wrong!”