Within the next couple of weeks, my schedule is going to be clearing up quite a bit.  Over the last several months, I've had a lot of free-lance work, which is great, but it has left little time for personal development projects that I've been wanting to do for a while now.

I currently have one that's about 25% done, so I'm hoping to commit some time to that over the next several months to wrap it up.  However, what I'm really excited about is a brand new project.

What is this project?  I don't really want to say at the moment because I think it's an obvious service that people want, but for whatever reason no attempt has been made (yet!) to fill the need.  Well, that's not entirely true–however, the lame attempts that have been made so far really only engage a very small section of the need while leaving the greater whole unaddressed.  The project I'm proposing will do both…hopefully!

The most exciting part about this service is that will be mostly driven by an API that I will have to build (there's at least one hint).  While I've certainly created web services before to handle remote application needs, I've never developed a more fully realized web "service", so if nothing else comes out of this project I will at least have gained some important API design lessons.

I apologize that I can't be more forthcoming at this time with information about what, exactly, I am doing, but stay tuned as I will be leaking hints (or just spill the beans outright!) regularly about my progress.  Additionally, once something resembling an Alpha is realized, I will be needing help testing, so your help and participation will be most welcome!