A good friend of mine recently approached me about creating an online resume for him.  He wanted it to be incredibly simple and to focus on the content.

So that's what I did.

This design is quite a departure from what I usually do.  Normally, the designs I create include standard content sections like a header, navigation, content body, and footer.  Since this site had so little content, I decided to jettison those concepts altogether.  

So because these content divisions were non-existent, and because there was so little content, I decided to keep all of the content on one "page", and to create divisions through a javascript slider (I used Adobe's Spry framework , if anyone is interested).

Although I was hesitant, I submitted this design to several design galleries.  To my pleasant surprise, it was featured by a few of which I've been trying to make for a while with my designs.  

Here are the galleries which have featured this one so far:

css creme
css design yorkshire

To be perfectly honest, I was not expecting a lot of response on this.  However, I think the focus on content and design simplicity attracted some attention, for which I am grateful.

::::::HUGE UPDATE::::::

I just found out that phillipnewton.com was selected as dailyslurp.com's "Site of the Day. "


Anyway, enough of this.  Here is the website.