Wow–it's been almost a month since my last post…not good.  Anyway, I've been terribly busy with my new job.  

The new job has been somewhat of an adjustment because my job responsibilities have moved beyond simple design and coding: now, I am intimately involved in project planning, of which my greatest responsibility is helping to select and implement a brand-spanking new Content Management System that will service our entire organization.

But it's not been all meetings and research.  From time to time, I still get to design and code.  In addition to the CMS, we are also launching into a system-wide Intranet.  As part of the communications plan, we decided to create a project site where we could blog about the progress of implementation as well as post training videos and other important information.  I was fortunate enough to be handed the design of the site, which can be seen above.

For this design, I decided to use some bold colors and design features.  I had already designed the logo, so I really wanted to play off the green in it.  For a while, I struggled with the overall design, for it just didn't seem like the green and charcoal were doing anything very interesting.  However, as soon as I plopped the blue gradient in the background, everything really started falling into place.  

For some time, I have been wanting to incorporate the diagonal stripes into a site.  Given the bold and bright colors of this design, I decided that this would be a good time to try it out, and I think it works pretty well.

Anyway, that's about it.  Unfortunately, the site is user-secured, so I can only show a thumbnail.  However, I think it gives a decent preview of the final result.  On the whole, I feel pretty good about this design and I think that it will bring some fun and lightness to what can otherwise be quite dull and arduous.